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Lakai has introduced Tony Hawk‘s debut shoe model, The Proto, with a hefty tribute to Hawk’s immense influence over the past three decades. Perhaps no other pro has done as much to generate positive interest in the culture than him, and Lakai (in a video “written and directed by Tyler Pacheco”) manages to touch on many of Hawk’s most impactful moments. And there’s a switch fakie heel like you’ve never seen before.

Lakai Tony Hawk

Here’s some additional info on The Proto, a shoe that comes in a box you’ll want to hold on to—stuff all your stickers in it or whatever:

The Proto is designed and developed to provide support and comfort for everyday skateboarding. The upper’s unique panels were built for durability while its internal sock offers a snug-fit. The nylon webbing strap on the tongue is a nod to the lace savers that vert skaters used to protect their laces while knee sliding. The Proto features an all new advanced XLK™ cup-sole. An evolution of our team favored hex-tread provides ultimate board feel, added grip, 360 degrees of flexibility and absorbs maximum impact. Delux-Lite™ foot beds with custom Powell Peralta x Tony artwork add cushion and support for your feet and heels. It truly is a shoe built for any and every skateboarder.

Lakai Tony Hawk

The limited Powell-Peralta colorway is a tribute to the shoes Tony wore in his most iconic footage during the Bones Brigade era and videos. “Tony has influenced an entire generation. It’s an honor to work with him and create something that pays homage to his impact on skateboarding.” – Aaron Hoover, Lakai Sr. Footwear Designer.

The Lakai Proto is sold in a limited edition, custom collectors box with matching Powell Peralta x Tony Hawk artwork. It is priced at $90 and available now at and Lakai retailers around the world.

Lakai Tony Hawk

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