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Watch Leandre Sanders’s Crazy ‘Solus’ Run Here

The Skategoat Leandre Sanders made history last year when we featured him in the ‘How To Turn Pro In 10 Days’ series, and his notoriety is only growing with every new project. Of course, his calling card is that he can skate switch naturally—it’s fucking unexplainable—so it can be extremely difficult to categorize him as any type of skater. I guess you could say… he’s pedidextrous. He puts his pedidexterity on full display in the second season of Red Bull‘s ‘Solus’ contest: He hits every obstacle regular and goofy, with a well-rounded approach that takes full advantage of his allotted 60 minutes. This shit is switch-tastic—watch the footage, above!

Watch some of Sanders’s ‘How To Turn Pro In 10 Days’ videos, below:

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