Learn Noseblunts — With Mark Gonzales

Learn Noseblunts straight from the source, as Mark Gonzales gives you some pointers on how to land this elusive trick. 

“Riding parallel with the curb, dip your nose over and use your tail and turn off like an ‘S’ and ride away. Do this first and then attempt to ollie like you’re going to do a lipslide or a disaster, but land with your front wheels on the edge of the curb and do the same thing you were practicing before… It’s like an ‘S’ turn. Dip your foot over the edge and turn off.” 

A commenter writes in:

“I’ve never tried these Mark, I thought they were too hard, thanks, man!”

Mark responded:

“Yea man, good luck. Just ride on top and nose wheelie into it. After you learn them doing them fast it’s so fun.” 

Check out more of Mark’s videos on YouTube.

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