Leo Baker & Cher Strauberry Featured In Latest ‘Gucci Grip’ Campaign


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Gucci’s latest campaign for the “Gucci Grip” watch (the name is, and we quote, “inspired by the way trainers stick to the grip tape on a skateboard”) features Cher Strauberry and WBATB’s Leo Baker, among others, and is all about expression. This wristwatch campaign is on the heels of other recent luxury brand forays into skateboarding—most notably by Louis Vuitton—proving that skating continues to share a unique relationship to the finer things in life… Baker and Strauberry know what time it is.

For the brand’s campaign, Baker says of skateboarding, “There is no mold when it’s just you skating and I think that’s why I have always been so drawn to it. It’s so fun and when I skate the noise goes silent for a moment.” Baker’s ability to tune out the noise is partly responsible for getting them to Women’s Battle At The Berrics Finals Night last year. Check out some of their matches, below:

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