Leo Baker Drops New Full Part In Glue’s ‘Wick & Spit’

Leo Baker (formerly known as “Lacey”) has an amazing opening part in the equally amazing new video from Glue, of which Leo is a co-founder (along with Stephen Ostrowski and Cher Strauberry). ‘Wick & Spit’ is the follow-up to last year’s ‘Smut,’ and also features the rest of the Glue factory: Ostrowski, Akobi Williams, Trish McGowan, Ellias Kitt, Donovan Wildfong, Kanin Garner, Cooper Winterson, withclips from Dylan Chavles, Ed Fisher, Joe Apollonio, Ned Vena, Angel Delgado, Colleen Combs, Evan Wasser, Nelly Morville, Robert Blazek, Weston Kearl, Brianna Delaney, Timmy Pizarro, Nazir Hedgepeth, Myles Underwood, Gunnar and Dorsey Smith, Max Garson, Matt Hilvers, and Julian Garcia. Check it out, above!

Baker was one of the stars of our inaugural Women’s Battle At The Berrics. Check out some of Leo’s moments from the contest, and her Populist 2017 winner edit, below, and shop our selection of Nike SB products in The Canteen!

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