Leo Romero, CJ Collins, Daniel Lutheran & Braden Hoban Chomp Rails In Indy’s Latest

Toy Machine and Independent share some gnarly team riders—Leo Romero, CJ Collins, Daniel Lutheran, and Braden Hoban—and they all got together for a rail chomping quest in Northern California recently. Seriously, some of the handrails in the brands’ latest edit seem barely possible: like, the kinds of rails you’d spot during a long, boring drive in the middle of nowhere and think, “Hmmm, I bet someone could do that… Maybe.” And with someone like Romero, a longtime rider for both brands who has been skating at this level consistently for decades, it’s incredibly impressive. Watch the 15-minute video, above!

We featured Romero in our second season of the PUSH series in 2016. Watch all three of his episodes below:

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