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LET US ROAM — Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee is a legend. The master of the no-comply, Ray first showed the world his timeless style in Powell-Peralta’s “Public Domain” in 1988 and followed it up with one of the most iconic parts of all time in”Ban This” a year later. Never without a smile on his face, Ray’s passion for music and photography was made accessible through skateboarding, and this short film illustrates his passion for creativity and the importance of passing those values onto his children. Keep it positive. Let Us Roam is an ongoing short film series by Chris Murphy, supported by Leica Camera. This series features stories about photographers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians who found their creativity through skateboarding. For a lot of us, skating is a lifestyle that breeds creativity and is often the doorway leading to other avenues of expression. This four-part film series tells the stories from behind the lens and the path that led these artists to photography.

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