Leticia Bufoni & Madars Apse Join Ribeiro In Red Bull’s ‘Mundo Gustavo’

Red Bull’s Gustavo Ribeiro is ready to take on the world at the Olympics in Tokyo next month, and in this third episode of ‘Mundo Gustavo’ you can see how the Portuguese bad boy has been training for the big game. His top secret TF has everything he needs (thanks to Red Bull) and he shows off all the features in the latest episode, with Team Brazil’s Leticia Bufoni stopping by for a sesh. In the second half of the video, Ribeiro heads to Germany for a little tag team action with Madars Apse at Andreas Schutzenberger’s Maze project. As always, the production value is top-notch—Ribeiro is actually a playable character! Check out the episode, above.

The Berrics has been working with Gustavo for several years. Watch some of his projects with us, below:

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