Leticia Bufoni Has a Competition-Grade Skatepark—In Her Backyard

Leticia Bufoni, our first female Battle Commander, has turned her Los Angeles abode into a 5-star skatepark fit for a global skateboarding phenomenon. The recently renovated backyard playground wraps around her house’s exterior, leaving very little wiggle room for much else besides skating—but that’s kinda the point when all you want to do is skate. (We know what it’s like to walk out our backdoor and have an amazing skatepark at our disposal.)

Bufoni’s drink sponsor Red Bull shows you how she planned the build in its latest episode of ‘Backyards,’ which takes you into athletes’ homes to see how they train and unwind. As you can see from Bufoni’s Instagram and TikTok posts, she knows the importance of letting loose every once in a while. Half of her tricks tend to end up in the pool (on purpose) and, being from Brazil, she has futbol in her blood—there seem to be at least one or two soccer balls flying around the estate at any given time, ricocheting off the hubba and into a miniature net. (Goals.) Bufoni’s got it all figure out. Watch her ‘Backyards’ video, above!

Bufoni has been working with The Berrics since the early days at our original Myers Street location, skating our Ladies Night events as a teen (back in 2009) and filming her first Bangin’ in 2011—and it’s been gratifying to see her blow up! Not to mention her epic 5-part PUSH documentary (link here for all episodes). See below for just a fraction of the Battle Commandress’s Berrics projects:

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