Leticia Bufoni Rides The Sky In Latest Red Bull Video

Leticia Bufoni, our first female Battle Commander (Commandress?), recently combined two of her favorite things for a stratospherically gnarly stunt. Her brand-new Sky Grind project involved 9,000 feet of altitude, an aircraft from the Fast And Furious movie franchise, a skydiving expert from the Mission Impossible movie franchise, skate obstacles, parachutes, and potentially the most hair-raising skateboard trick ever recorded. What does it feel like to power through a feeble grind out of an airplane loading bay and into a freefall right after? Will the board stay on your feet? What if the board hits you? Will today be cloudy with a chance of Bufoni? Find out in Red Bull’s latest video, above!

Bufoni has been working with The Berrics since the early days, skating our Ladies Night events as a teen (back in 2009) and filming her first Bangin’ in 2011, and it’s been gratifying to see her blow up! Not to mention her epic 5-part PUSH documentary (link here for all episodes). See below for just a fraction of the Battle Commandress’s Berrics projects:

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