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Liam McCabe’s HSS3 Part

In keeping up with their annual tradition, Halloween Stickers Skateboards dropped the 3rd full-length video, “HSS3,” and Quartersnacks is giving us front row seats to Liam McCabe’s 8 minute curtain closing part from the full-length. McCabe might have ditched his iconic green sweater from HSS2, but the onslaught of spots remains the same from NYC all the way to the City of Love in Paris. McCabe might skip the warm up and repeat some tricks until he’s satisfied, but Dylan Holderness’s patience behind the lens pays off as Liam comes out with one fantastic part with a heavy ender (that he did on a broken board). Make sure to check out the full interview with filmmaker now on QuarterSnacks!

Watch the full part, above, and watch the full-length HSS3 video, below!

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