Liquid Death’s CEO Throws Down The Gauntlet For BATB 12


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Battle At The Berrics 12 is coming this weekend and—as if a 64-man bracket wasn’t insane enough—for the first time in skate history, we’re going to find out which CEOs of big name action sports beverages are actually the best at skating! Dovetailing with this year’s series, Mike Cessario (the Founder/CEO of Liquid Death Mountain Water) is publicly inviting the head honchos of Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, and Mountain Dew to a flatground skate battle to see who can rightfully call himself the BATB Beverage CEO Champion! Cessario has thrown down the gauntlet, and all these fizzy drink bosses are officially on the bubble.

Each CEO has his own strengths and weaknesses: Red Bull’s boss is bullish on switch tricks, but his skinny silver board can work against him; sure, Rockstar’s jefe can carry a tune, but will he play the hits? (Peace, Daveeeed!); Monster’s bossman is known for his claw-style roshambo, but not much else; and Dew… well, Baja Blast is actually amazing. And, as it turns out, Liquid Death’s Cessario has some skills, too. Watch his official BATB 12 challenge video, above—we hope these CEOs are hydrated.

Liquid Death has been working with The Berrics for a minute (remember the Murder Your House contest last year?). Check out a few of the brand’s recent projects with us, below:

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