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Liquid Death Releases Decks Infused With Tony Hawk’s Blood

Liquid Death announced a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Tony Hawk—a man who needs no introduction—involving something only he could create. Like, literally. At 9am PT, the brand is launching a limited edition deck infused with the blood of Hawk. Liquid Death hired a professional (don’t try this at home) to stick the needle in him, and all that blood was then mixed in the decks’ paint—so, you could say that there’s a little bit of Hawk’s DNA in every one of these decks.

Liquid Death Releases Decks Infused With Tony Hawk's Blood

There are only 100 boards available, and they will go on sale for $500 each, with a portion of profits going towards anti-plastic nonprofit 5 Gyres and Hawk’s The Skatepark Project. As a reminder, the brand says, “Tony Hawk previously sold his soul to Liquid Death via a legally binding contract, so, the brand technically owns Tony’s blood.” Buy the deck here at 9am PT!

Liquid Death Releases Decks Infused With Tony Hawk's Blood

In the past few years alone, Hawk has produced a Broadway play, performed on The Masked Singer, debuted an apparel line at Paris Fashion Week, cosplayed as Santa Claus, has opened a Mexican restaurant in Newport Beach with a former Playboy playmate, and is basically skateboarding’s ambassador at the Olympics this month … let’s just say that the list of projects goes on and on. Watch some of his videos over the years with The Berrics, including work from our 2019 ‘Tony Hawk Week’ event, below:

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