Lil’ Wayne — Inspired by Alex Midler

Lil' Wayne -- Inspired by Alex Midler

Lil’ Wayne has received both praise and disapproval since first stepping on a skateboard almost 5-years ago. Even so, seldom did we ask ourselves why, with many assuming he did it for some type of notoriety. Well, the haters have been proven wrong once again thanks to an interview with Jeff Weiss for Nylon, where Lil’ Wayne reveals Alex Midler inspired him to pick up a skateboard. 

*“If you know anything about skating, you know who Woodward is [Camp Woodward]. They had a little kid on there named Alex Midler. His spirit is so fucking awesome and it’s so awesome that he made a nigga from the motherfucking streets pick up a skateboard and fall in love with it. He just loved it. It’s like watching Tony Hawk but as a 9-year old. It was too contagious. He’s one of my close little homies now. Real cool. Shout out to Alex. His mom and dad too. I’ve been to his house and skated there.” *

It’s safe to say Lil’ Wayne has continued to nurture his passion for skateboarding. And much like each one of us, it was witnessing the pure joy a skater exhibits while on their board – that sparked the skate flame in each of us. We invite you to revisit Lil’ Wayne’s Bangin! and Alex Midler’s Trickipedia before heading over to read the full interview on Jeff Weiss’s website:

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