LIVE Skateboard Media wants you to book your tickets to Paris, France… now! This morning’s “LIVE SB Report” (sponsored by Nike SB) highlights dozens of amazing spots in the city, skated by locals and visiting Francophiles (like Vincent Touzery, Didrik Galasso, and Mason Silva, to name a few). This is one hell of a 4-minute postcard!

Here’s the description from LIVE’s YouTube page:

“What’s a city? Its people, we say… More than its architectural specifics or urban furniture. Because they are making the doing and undoing, the everyday life of the city, and pumps in and out the blood into its streets.

“This is why, when came the idea to shoot a snapshot of Paris in its Now, we all looked at Augustin Giovannoni, because he knows everybody, because he is everywhere at the same time, and because he always knows what is up. He is skateboarding in Paris. And it has been true since we launched LIVE—and even before that—despite his young age. Here lies his very own take on his city, one that belongs as much to its locals as its visitors. He’s crossed paths with them all, during a year, and here is what he made of it all.

“A report supported by Nike SB, illuminated by Alexis Jamet’s animations and put in music by Matias Elichabehere, through a custom fit new track.”

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