Louie Barletta reveals why Big Brother contained Enjoi’s most notorious ads in this new interview with Skate Warehouse. Often controversial and always hilarious, Enjoi’s advertisements are some of skateboarding’s most beloved. The irreverent tone and funny commentary on life always stood out among page after page of skate tricks while flipping through a magazine. Sometimes these creations were censored by more family-friendly publications. Enjoi and Big Brother came together to create a special solution for these particular cases. Louie explains it all at the 12:13 mark.

We’ve been compiling all of these old ads. And it’s like, “Oh my god, we could never get away with this shit now.” It’s, like, illegal. But somehow we did. A funny thing is we had a deal with Big Brother. If another magazine would censor our ads, Big Brother would let us run it for free. So the gnarly of gnarly ones that got censored by someone else always went to Big Brother.

This is more proof that Big Brother really practiced what it preached when it came to censorship. For more on Louie, watch the entire interview above.

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