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Lucas Beaufort’s ‘Heart’ Book Shines a Light on Local Skateshops Worldwide

A few months ago we got a package in the mail from our friend Lucas Beaufort . It was heavy, and with most heavy packages the first thing you want to do is open it. So we did, and in our hands we held this beautiful coffee table book celebrating 40 years of skateboarding shops and their history. 428 pages of photos and interviews from all over the world with owners and skaters talking about the shops they love and nourish like their own children. It’s sanctuaries like these that are often times the heart and soul of a skate scene. Consequently, it takes a lot of heart and soul to keep them alive. So, naturally, Lucas titled this masterpiece, HEART. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as we celebrate the skateshop of the day on The Berrics Instagram to highlight their accomplishments. Please help us celebrate the shops featured in this essential book for anyone who loves skateboarding, because every day they make it, we, as skateboarders, make it. -sb

There are only 150 books Deluxe edition books that are numbered, signed, and come with an original drawing inside the 1st page. Click on the link to purchase your hard copy of HEART now!

Lucas Beaufort's 'Heart' Book Shines a Light on Local Skateshops Worldwide

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