LUCAS PUIG INTERVIEW — Hinting at a New Sponsor

LUCAS PUIG INTERVIEW -- Hinting at a New Sponsor

Since the demise of Cliché skateboards last November, Lucas Puig has been without a board sponsor. Being one of the most technically gifted skaters on the planet, the addition of Puig to any team would be a power move for the brand. After a solid six months of speculation, it appears that Lucas’s next board sponsor will be revealed soon. Elpatín caught up with Puig to get the lowdown on where he might be going next. You can read a loose translation of that portion of the conversation below.

Any projects for the future?

Soon I will have a new board sponsor, but I am still waiting. I have been very lucky to have several offers.

We did not want to say that, but that was the question … (laughs). We heard Palace called you, right?

Palace is one of those deals, but now I have to decide. I’m taking my time. I have to be straight with everyone and make a decision.

Any clue to your new sponsor? Which deal do you like most?

It’s an American brand. Many people have said two companies (Palace and Numbers). I do not want to give a direct answer. If you investigate a little, you have the solution (laughs).”

For more on Lucas, you can check the complete interview on the Elpatín site.


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