MAC MILLER & ILLEGAL CIV CINEMA — A New Short by Mikey Alfred

With Illegal Civilization’s IC3 set to premier on Viceland soon, Mikey Alfred released a new short featuring Mac Miller.

Skateboarding’s history with television is approaching the two decade mark. Jackass first premiered on MTV in 2000. It was followed by Viva La Bam, The Life of Ryan, Rob & Big, and Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory—all of which, for better or for worse, catapulted skateboarding into mainstream America’s living room.

The latest iteration of skateboarding on the small screen is coming to Viceland soon in the form of Illegal Civilization’s third video. Or will it be a series? The exact execution is still unclear. 

Under the direction of Mikey Alfred, Illegal Civ has grown from a video franchise to a clothing and board brand distributed out of Baker Boys, and is now set to make its television debut. It’s an impressive evolution to say the least.

In, perhaps, a peek at what’s to come, Alfred uploaded this short to his YouTube channel today featuring Mac Miller as a horse tycoon with two bumbling employees that are clearly up to no good. 

Mikey’s latest effort definitely has its moments. It will be interesting to see how he mixes narrative elements with skateboarding, if at all, on the Viceland release.

Have a look at the trailer for IC3 below.

IC3 | Trailer

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