‘MACBA Life’ Brings You The Latest & Greatest From Barcelona

MACBA Life‘s regular ‘MACBA Lifers’ spot checks have become some of the most anticipated videos every month: The local color, the eye-candy—and, oh yeah—the skateboarding; these are the things that make MACBA’s world-famous plaza so great. And the latest episode in the series pays tribute to a samosa vendor named Rafí who keeps the plaza’s skaters in stitches every day. Watch the video, which kicks off with the deliciously named Adriel Parmisano and ends with a massive Nico Leal kickflip, above.

Featured skaters: Adriel Parmisano, Adrián Lobo, Niki Díaz, Facundo Soler, Ronaldo Alonso, Ismael Ricón, Javi Fioretto, Nassim Lachhab, Thyago Silva, Nico Leal.

Ahhh, Barthhelona… In 2016, we dedicated a whole week to this skateboarding mecca, with new parts from Christian Vannella and Jorge Calderon. Check out all the videos below!

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