Madars Apse Visits Double-Amputee Felipe Nunes In ‘Skate Tales’

Red Bull‘s ‘Skate Tales’ series is a deep dive into the lesser-known subcultures in skateboarding—groups that just keep doing their own thing, whether we see it or not. The six-part exploration of this underground element, hosted by famous outlier Madars Apse, which takes you from Japan to the Ethiopian skate scene, continues today in Brazil with Felipe ‘No Excuses’ Nunes.

Just a little background: Nunes is a 22-year old skater from Curitiba, Brazil. He lost both legs while playing on train tracks as a kid, then—after five years in a wheelchair—he was given a skateboard to get around on. At 18, after winning some contests in Brazil, he started a crowdfunding campaign to enter Tampa Am. Tony Hawk championed his cause, and Nunes finished 21st overall as the only adaptive skater in the contest. Nunes joined Birdhouse and became pro (having landed “the Loop” in two tries).

Apse digs deep into Nunes’s fascinating story, above. Binge the rest of ‘Skate Tales’ season 2 at the Red Bull TV site.

Check out some of Apse’s projects with us over the years, and our recent work with Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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