Madars Apse Explores The Skateboarding Underground In Red Bull’s ‘Skate Tales’

Red Bull‘s latest video series is a deep dive into the lesser-known subcultures in skateboarding—groups that just keep doing their own thing, whether we see it or not. ‘Skate Tales’ is a six-part exploration of this underground element, hosted by famous outlier Madars Apse, which takes you from Bam Margera’s PA compound to the Ethiopian skate scene with a lot of surprises in between. It’s vital for us to celebrate these skate scenes at a time when isolation and social distancing means that they may not get any exposure at all.

The first episode, featuring Margera, premieres Monday, April 20.

Check out some of Apse’s projects with us over the years, and our recent work with Red Bull’s Bowl Rippers in Marseille, France, below:

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