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Madars Apse Shows us How Wes Kremer Lives an Offline Lifestyle in SKATE TALES

Madars Apse is back in full effect with season 3 of Red Bull Skateboarding‘s SKATE TALES. The latest episode focuses on one of the most impressively elusive pros, Wes Kremer. Your favorite skaters favorite skater remains a mystery offline, effortlessly balancing being one of the most highly regarded professionals in the world while maintaining a low profile. Despite the allure of the attention-driven culture, Wes chooses to live a life disconnected from social media, embracing anonymity and the authentic skateboarding lifestyle. In this captivating journey, Madars explores how Wes manages sponsorship obligations while staying true to his desire to avoid unnecessary publicity. Join Madars as he hangs out with the enigmatic and extraordinary Wes Kremer in Season 3 of SKATE TALES, above!

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