Madrid Urban Sports’ World Series Launches Virtual Contests

With the Covid-19 pandemic completely upending this year’s historic summer skate contest season, Madrid Urban Sports’ Urban World Series is ready to fill the void. The organization has launched a new virtual contest to adapt with these homebound times, and the online competition concept is based in head-to-head matches between some of the world best international riders:Jamie Foy, Kelvin Hoefler, Angelo Caro, Lucas Rabelo, Aurelien Giraud, Chris Joslin, Rayssa Leal, Candy Jacobs, Gabi Mazetto, and Marina Gabriela, among others, are confirmed to compete. The 17-day event includes men’s and women’s skate contests and, in probably the biggest twist, the fans watching the contests will also be judging! See below for the skate schedule:

Nov 15: Skate Women’s quarter finals
Nov 16: Skate Women’s quarter finals results (with color commentary by with Kelly Hart)
Nov 17: Skate Women’s semifinals
Nov 23: Skate Men’s quarter finals
Nov 24: Skate Men’s quarter finals results (analysis with Kelly Hart)
Nov 25: Skate Men’s semifinals

The Finals will be broadcast on YouTube on Saturday, November 28. Follow Urban World Series’ Instagram for updates and info about voting!

Watch Urban World Series’ recent imaginExtreme Men’s Finals live broadcast, below!

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