Magenta Premieres ‘LES CHÂTELAINS’ Filmed At Bordeaux Castle

Last year marked the tenth anniversary of Bordeaux, France’s Magenta Skateboards. When the brand launched way back then, its idiosyncratic videos revolutionized the form; Yoan Taillandier’s jazzy improv filming was paired perfectly with the team riders’ senses of spontaneity. We hadn’t seen videos like theirs, essentially, since Stereo’s first videos in the ’90s. It’s safe to say that Magenta’s early videos influenced a new style, and the brand’s unique collection of videos has remained remarkably consistent after all these years.

The brand’s latest, ‘LES CHÂTELAINS’ (aka ‘The Castle Lords’), sticks close to home, cruising Bordeaux Castle’s medieval pavement. Vivien Feil, Leo Valls, Sergio Cadaré, Soy Panday, Hugues Cheminade, Pierre Serres, Valerian Nicolas, Benjamin Drissi, Emillien Bonnet, Amelien Foures, Romain Dubourg, Lilian Gouaux, Gary Beasley, Jt Saldou, Arthur Giat, Samuel Payen, Kenny Adoua, Julien Januskiewicz, Léo Spartacus, Vincent Dallemagne, and Andrea Dupre. This is classic Magenta.

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