Magenta’s ‘Bay Branch’ Puts The Spotlight On SF-Area Skaters

Bordeaux’s Magenta Skateboards has been globe-trotting a lot this year, and the latest edit from the brand (courtesy of up-close-and-personal maestro Zach Chamberlin) hops over to the majestic San Francisco Bay Area. ‘Magenta Bay Branch’ takes advantage of the city’s Victorian-era skatespots and extremely fun downgrades with skating from team riders Ben Gore, Jameel Douglas, Jesse Narvaez, and more! Watch the edit, just another in a decade-long line of Magenta bangers, above; check out the brand’s extensive library of gems on their YT channel. (“Old Woops New Groove” is highly recommended.)

Gore has been working with The Berrics since 2009’s BATB 2. Watch some of his videos, below:

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