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MAKE EA SKATE AGAIN – UPDATE — Join The Movement To Make Skate 4

Daniel Lingen, EA’s Senior Manager for Community Engagement, tweeted “#SKATE4” on Friday. What does this mean?!? Should we assume that EA is making SKATE again, or are we reading too much into this?

We’re leaning towards cautiously optimistic. The key here is Lingen’s title: “Senior Manager.” Not “Junior,” not associate. Senior. This guy knows what he’s talking about, and someone in his position wouldn’t toy with our hearts… would he? “#SKATE4” can only mean ONE thing… but it’s possible that Lingen will follow up with: “I meant #SKATE4THERIGHTREASONS, but my finger slipped.” Please, for the love of everything that’s sacred, don’t let this be a massive tease. Please Mr. Lingen, don’t hurt ‘em (us).

Like the rest of the skateboarding/gaming fanboys/girls who stand by with bated breath for every tiny sliver of hope from EA, we don’t want to get too excited here. But how often does someone from behind the pixelated proscenium at EA chime in on the one cause we’ve been obsessing about since last year? Well, this would be the first time, actually.

We can’t help imagining what a new SKATE 4 would look like. With crisp graphics and new maps… our thumbs are getting blisters just thinking about it.

But at this time it’s still just a hashtag. So we ask you, Señor Senior Manager for Community Engagement:_ What can we do to make this happen???_

Follow @MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN for updates on our campaign. #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN

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