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MAKE EA SKATE AGAIN — Join The Movement To Make Skate 4

Friends, skateboarders, lend me your ears! We want a fourth edition of EA’s much-loved SKATE series—and we want it yesterday. Last week, we made our intentions crystal clear. With our #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN campaign, we fired the opening salvo. Our fellow skateboarders, those who thought that the possibility of SKATE 4 was just a pipe dream, became empowered. We’re ending years of silence.

Thousands upon thousands of comments later, we are getting closer to the moment of truth. And we will NOT STOP until we receive confirmation that SKATE 4 is in the works. Let your voice be heard, and follow @MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN for updates on our campaign. #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN

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