Mariah Duran Talks About Her Journey On ‘World Of X Games’

WBATB‘s Mariah Duran was recently interviewed for ‘Brando’s World Of X’ on the X Games channel, and she gives some insight into what her journey to the Olympics has been like. It hasn’t been 100% skateboarding, necessarily: She devoted approximately 20% of her time to the pizza grind, getting those crusty dividends while also doing a little fundraising to get her to and from X Games contests. After she landed in second place at X Games Street, she’s had a stratospheric rise—one that put her on the short list of Team U.S.A. athletes. Spend some time with Duran in this enlightening interview, above.

Duran appeared in our inaugural Women’s Battle At The Berrics last year. Watch her first round match, and her appearance in our ‘Skate Girls’ series, below:

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