Watch Marius Syvanen’s New Habitat Part Here

Finland’s Marius Syvanen started his pro career in Southern California, having essentially grown up in San Diego with other soon-to-be pros (like Sk8mafia’s Tyler Surrey, for example), and over the past decade has been criss-crossing the globe and taking an active part in building DIY projects. That was before the pandemic. Since lockdown reared its ugly head, the Habitat pro has been on an extended staycation in Finland and working on his latest video, ‘Suomi Sojourn,’ which is split into two sections: a short retrospective/FaceTime interview; and his new part.

In 2016, The Berrics caught up with Syvanen after he returned from his first New Balance Numeric trip to chat about the pro life (Habitat gave him the bump in 2014), and to get his take on the 2020 Olympics. “I’m on the fence with it, I kinda back it and I kinda don’t,” he said. “If it does happen, I’d go represent Finland, for sure!” You never know what might happen.

Syvanen has worked with us on a bunch of projects over the years. Check out a handful of these videos, below:

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