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Mark Appleyard Breaks Down His Flip “Really Sorry” Video Part

Mark Appleyard recently sat down with The Nine Club to review his Flip ‘Sorry’ part and today, Apples sits down again to discuss his “Really Sorry” video part. Mark breaks down some behind the scenes tidbits about his clips, including the kickflip back lip board break, getting a trespassing ticket for his kickflip 5050 at a police station, the double primo bail, skating on a friends board, kickflipping over the zipper rail in Barcelona, his kickfip back tail big spin out with Tom Penny watching, his nollie back heelflipping the Roseville triple set and how much fun they were having during the filming of “Really Sorry.”

Watch for all of this and more in the full review of the part, above, and make sure to subscribe to The Nine Club’s “More Nine Club” YouTube Channel for more part break downs in the future!

Appleyard has been working on projects with The Berrics since 2009! Watch some of his videos over the past twelve years, including his 2010 Battle Commander, below:

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