Mark Suciu Steals The Show In Latest Habitat Team Edit

Last month, Habitat traveled from New York to Ohio and the brand has compiled a lot of the footage for a casual mega-edit featuring Mark Suciu, Brian Delatorre, Stefan Janoski, and Zac Coyne, with special guests Austyn Gillette and Cincinatti’s Simmeon Perryman. (Gillette formerly rode for Habitat.) Suciu, the man who bitchslapped everybody with the craziest part of the year, “Verso,” stole the show. He even gifted us some miniramp footage!

“New York To Ohio” was filmed by Mac Shafer and Andy Licardi.

Gillette is making us crazy with speculation about A) his board sponsor, and B) his shoe sponsor. Check out some of the work he’s done with us over the years, below:

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