MARK SUCIU — The Tim O’Connor Show

MARK SUCIU -- The Tim O’Connor Show

Jenkem’s The Tim O’Connor Show is back. The first guest of the new season is Mark Suciu. Tim and Mark cover a lot of ground in this interview, much of which you’ve probably heard before. At 19:57, Suciu breaks down why he chooses to live in New York, and what’s special about skating in the city. 

“There are really cool spots in New York. Skating places like Washington Square Park when it’s less crowded than a Saturday in the summer is really fun. There’s parks all over. And cruising street spots, New York has a lot of cool plazas. Sometimes I’ll leave my place around—I’ve done this before—leave my place around midnight and go south. I’m really close to the end of Manhattan. Just go south into the Financial District and skate around, just get lost in nooks and crannies and huge skyscrapers. It’s sick. That kind of skating is so important.” 

Click play below to listen to the entire interview. And if you’re in the mood to see Suciu in an urban landscape, revisit his Civil Liberty part from 2015.

Mark Suciu | Civil Liberty

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