You Need Marshall’s Kilburn II Speaker On The Sesh

The OG audio equipment brand Marshall has unveiled its latest Bluetooth speaker, the Kilburn II. With over twenty hours of portable playtime off a single charge (better than most phones), this reliable baby is a must-have for a day-long sesh. And at just over six pounds, it is officially the loudest speaker in its class: clear midrange; deep bass; extended highs; and a multi-directional sound that is effective indoors as well as out.

Aesthetically, the Kilburn II is gorgeous—its steel mesh face recalls a microphone—and it has a sick guitar-inspired strap. Even if you’re tone-deaf, you can proudly tote this bad boy around and think, “Hey, I know it’s loud but I’m with the band.”

The Marshall Kilburn II comes in black, white, or burgundy, and is available now at the Marshall site.

You Need Marshall's Kilburn II Speaker On The Sesh

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