Masaki Hongo Joins Sk8mafia

Sk8Mafia‘s just dropped an intro video officially announcing Japan’s Masaki Hongo as the latest addition to the team—and the clip includes a fat new Alexis Ramirez part! It’s even got guest clips from Shintaro Hongo, Marius Syvanen, Brandon Turner, Wes Kremer, Tiago Lopes, Jimmy Cao, Marshall Heath, Dan Connelly, Alex Willms, Javier Sarmiento, Stephen Lawyer, Tyler Surrey, and Jamie Palmore. Check out the video, edited by Dan Connelly, above!

(This is rad.)

Sk8Mafia have been our homies since back in the old Myers St. park days. Check out some of their projects with us, including Wes Kremer’s Run & Gun line from the inaugural contest in 2013, below:


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