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Matt Bublitz Presents: ‘BACKWASH’

In Case You Missed It… Matt Bublitz has produced the homie video to end all homie videos. Chris Brunner, Malakai Montes, Tom Karangelov, Ben Woosley, John Demar, and even Matt Bublitz himself gets down in the 35 minute edit as the crew kills every spot in their paths. Chris Brunner kicks things off with a heavy 7 minute intro part, Tom K keeps things moving with some classic Karangelov moves, Ben Woosly and John Demar close out the video with some footage you won’t soon forget. Sprinkle in a fantastic “Friends” section and a part from video creator Matt Bublitz, and you have the recipe for one of the best full-length homie videos you’ll see this year. Watch Matt Bublitz’s ‘BACKWASH’ video, above!

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