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Matthew Oistacher Premieres “MAHALO” Video

‘Mahalo’ is the latest video offering from Jacksonville, Florida’s Matthew Oistacher starring a trio of north Florida rippers. Jake Sykes, Darius Sibley, and Brooks Jones are the focal point in Oistacher’s masterpiece as Jake kicks things off with his smooth style and killer soundtrack, followed up by the friends montage featuring Matt Fink, Craig Clements, Nick Blanco, Brian O’Rourke, Jack Seely, Conor Reilly, Jamal Campbell, David Jordan, and many more. A shared part from Connor Lerian, Luke Hoey, and Shane Carter keeps things moving followed up by a heavy 5 minute part from Darius before Brooks wraps things up some highly technical clips in his closing part. Matt’s filming and editing of ‘Mahalo’ beautifully captures the irreplaceable feeling of skating with your closest friends purely for the love of skateboarding. Watch ‘Mahalo’ above, and be sure to follow Matthew Oistacher, Jake Sykes, and Darius Sibley on Instagram for more!

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