Maurio McCoy’s Next Santa Cruz Graphic Has Special Meaning

Santa Cruz‘s Maurio McCoy paid tribute to his mom by dedicating a special ‘Flamingo’ graphic to the queen who brought him up and encouraged him to be the poptastic king we know today. McCoy worked with regular Santa Cruz skate scribbler Yaia (aka Julio) for the upcoming deck, and it looks dope. (Read our interview with Yaia to learn about his history of work with Santa Cruz.) In the brand’s latest video, McCoy shares the special meaning behind the flamingo imagery and digs deep into every setup detail that keeps him rolling: from the deck size (it does matter) to how his titanium Indys complement his VX deck; how his 99a pro Ricta wheels slide juuuuuuust right on his signature noseblunt slides; and why Mob grip is… well, it is the grippiest, aiiight?

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with McCoy since 2016 when we featured him in our Next New Wave series; take a look at some of his projects with The Berrics over the past three years, below:

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