Watch Maurio McCoy’s Santa Cruz ‘Raw & Uncut’ Episode Here

Santa Cruz’s Maurio McCoy has had a hell of a 2021 so far, and at the top of his list of accomplishments is his part in the brand’s latest edition of the Til The End full-length series, Vol. 5. You can see why McCoy was on the fast-track to the Olympics—he has world-class written all over him with every perfectly popped banger. The brand released McCoy’s ‘Raw & Uncut’, featuring 29 minutes of his raw clips from the video, recently—watch it above and watch out for Maurio in the next Olympics!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with McCoy since 2016 when we featured him in our Next New Wave series; take a look at some of his projects with The Berrics over the past three years, below:

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