McDonald’s Drive-Thrus In The Philippines Now Allowing Skateboards

McDonald’s Philippines announced this week that all locations will be re-branded as “Ride-Thrus,” and will welcome any wheeled vehicle to order their world-famous delicious (and nutritious, because of the pickles) burgers. Filipino skaters—and pedicabs, bikes, scooters, etc.—are invited to power slide through for their power lunches… but just watch out for ketchup packets.

The ride-thru update follows a year of turbulent restaurant news, with COVID-related closures and bankruptcies plaguing the industry. Mickey D’s was wise enough to see that a huge segment of their customer base has been ignored (non-driving skateboarders who crave a good nug), and swiftly corrected it. Could a limited-time only Slappy Meal be far behind?

We love us a juicy McDLT or, on rare occasions, a McLean. But we much rather prefer to grill ‘em all ourselves; check out some of our master-chef clips featuring Dave Bachinsky, Neen Williams, and Tom Asta below. Well done, boys!

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