Meet Curb Cover Co-Founder Luke Kyser

Meet Curb Cover Co-Founder Luke Kyser
Savvy business types just keep getting younger and younger these days. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Luke Kyser, the 14-year-old co-founder (along with his papa Big Matt) of the revolutionary Curb Cover brand, and we asked him five of the stupidest questions we could think of. And, fortunately for you, his answers were way more thoughtful than the questions warranted.
The Kysers hatched Curb Cover over the long quarantine period in the OC, when they were kind of stuck at home isolating with neighbors and friends. They quickly realized that there was no skate element they could find for curbs—the first place their friends would learn and perfect street tricks… and the one place that was getting most destroyed by hours of lockdown skating. The brand’s curb cover soon led to ledge covers, and you could say that—much like their products’ designs—they have “cornered” the market.
Luke’s dedication to growing his business has created opportunities for collaborations (¡hola Guy Mariano!) and effectively filled a hole in the market that no one else seems to have anticipated. And he got to build something awesome with his dad, too. The Kysers’ family business has pretty much got it all covered. Meet Luke, below!
Do your classmates know that you’re basically the Elon Musk of portable ledge covers?

Yeah, most of them know about Curb Cover. Whenever I ask someone if they skate I tell them about Curb Cover. But this question makes me want to do a tow-in slappy with a Tesla. I think I’m gonna try that this weekend now.

Is it hard for you to turn off your business brain when you have to finish an assignment in school? Or do you think that having a business has unlocked a deeper understanding of some subjects?

I’m working on my business brain. I think I have more of a people brain, so I like school more for the people than the classes and homework. I’m learning business is mostly about people, so I guess that’s a good thing.

Did you ever want to call it a Kurb Kover?
Ha. Well, our family likes the letter ‘K’ because of our last name, but the ‘C’ definitely works better for logos.
Have you ever gotten kicked out of a spot and had to leave the curb cover on the curb, then put on a fluorescent road worker uniform to come back and get it?
We don’t usually get kicked out of spots because we usually have our Covers, but when we do that sounds like a good plan. Thanks for the idea.
How much money do you save on wax every year?

None. We don’t use wax. All the guys on TikTok and Insta comments told us we’re supposed to just melt my mom’s candles to save money.

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