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London-based artist duo Kai & Sunny have hand-painted a mural at the new Element HQ in Huntington Beach, and they’ve also partnered with Element creating two new boards.

After having both graduated from the Epsom School of Art in Surrey, United Kingdom, with degrees in Art and Design, Kai & Sunny went on to collaborate with Alexander McQueen and Shepard Fairey and have won numerous accolades (including a 2012 D&AD Design Award).

Kai & Sunny take inspiration from the natural world and the patterns and forms it manifests. The works on paper measure approximately a meter in both width and height, and are created using colored archival ballpoint pens [Ed: Wait… WHAT?!? They just use pens?], building up images of dizzying, geometric complexity out of single lines. (Learn more about their process in the above video.) The Kai & Sunny decks are available worldwide at

Element have been a supporter of The Berrics for years. Check out some of our work with the brand’s past and present riders, below, and be sure to shop our selection of Element products in The Canteen!

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