Meet The USA Skateboarding Team Tomorrow In Carlsbad

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics was historic in so many ways, but of course it was most notable for finally introducing skateboarding events. The result of extensive lobbying from major figures in the industry was an astounding success, and it’s safe to assume that 2020/2021 was just the first of many skate events in the Summer Games (hell, put skateboarding in the Winter Games, too… just find a parking garage and some patriotic mittens). Now, USA Skateboarding is taking public events one step further with an intimate meet-and-greet featuring some of your favorite pros!

The Team USA 2021 wrap party will take place tomorrow in Carlsbad, California, and feature 2021 highlights, interviews with team members, and a special performance from the one and only Ray Barbee. You can attend in person and meet Cory Juneau, Dashawn Jordan, Arianna Carmona, Jordan Santana, Bryce Wettstein, Mariah Duran, Alexis Sablone, Alana Smith, Jake Ilardi, and Tom Schaar. That’ll cost $25. Or, you can have the virtual experience for free. Get all the details, and reserve your ticket, here. (All attendees must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken 72 hours before the in-person event.)

Thanks to all of you who have followed our Olympics coverage over the past five years—ever since details about skateboarding in the big show started to trickle down from the information spout in 2016. Our long-running ‘Pushing For Gold’ series introduced you to the skaters of the American team, and we even hosted the U.S. National Championships this year! (This wouldn’t have been possible without support from Got Milk and TikTok, so crack open a cold one and watch some lip syncing videos today.)

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