METROPOLITAN — Dougie Allan Mix

Metropolitan was a wheel company in the ‘90s. It’s a bit of a cult classic that holds a special place in people’s hearts that were skating during that era. The brand had a raw vibe that was molded by the team that was primarily based out of New York and the black and white photography of Ari Marcopoulos. 

Keith Hufnangel resurrected Metropolitan as a clothing brand a couple of years ago. He’s done a few drops between then in now. The most recent offering was released this morning via In honor of this occasion, Metropolitan released a short video featuring @_lildougie and @allanstoops. And the brand has been posting some new nostalgia-inducing photos shot by Marcopoulos on its Instagram featuring Bobby Puleo, Gino Iannucci, and Mike Hernandez.

It’s great to see the resurrected version of this historic brand staying true to its roots. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Huf.

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