Watch Michael Bell’s ‘Holy Field 2’ Promo Here

Filmer Michael Bell premiered his full-length Holy Field last year in LA (Jahzeal Bell‘s part was the first to get a digital release), and it came out swinging. But that was just round one: Much like the eponymous real-life Evander Holyfield, Bell is back for round two, punching his gloves and ready to show you his other ear in Holy Field 2. The video will feature Bryan Figueroa, Tonio Davis, Neeeze, Hadrian Carter, Edson Yumul, Lester Singleton, Tony Sanchez, Martin Garcia, Brian Hastings, Rosendo Veloz, Elliot Murphy, Andrew Valencia, Spencer Semien, Brent Menchaca, and Ron Hawkins.

You can help support Bell’s project by buying a Holy Field shirt for $25 here. Watch the promo, above!

Check out Semien’s most recent Berrics parts—’Hoops’ and ‘Catnip’—below:

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