Mike Blabac Skates Down Memory Lane In ‘Family Portraits’

Mike Blabac‘s history with skate photography is three decades deep, with a portfolio of work that covers some of skateboarding’s most important contemporary moments. But, having been mentored by legendary former Transworld photo editor J. Grant Brittain, Blabac was always destined for greatness. In “Family Portraits,” director Jacob Rosenberg reunites Blabac with some of the skaters who marked milestones in his professional repertoire, including Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, J. Grant Brittain, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Chico Brenes, and more! Take a picture—it’ll last longer.

Check out our “In The Loupe” episode with Blabac from 2016, and his interview in celebration of The Skateboard Mag‘s 150th issue, below:

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