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Mike Mo Capaldi Reviews His BATB 12 Match On ‘The Nine Club’

Eric Koston and Mike Mo Capaldi are the most OG of all BATB skaters. Their 2008 game of S.K.A.T.E. was the origin of Battle At The Berrics; thirteen years later, they would meet again on flat. Capaldi visited his ‘The Nine Club’ recently to chat with his Battletalk cohost Chris Roberts about the finer details of the battle—why he kept doing hollie heels on offense; what was the deals with the Cab flip showdown—and how his body felt during the game. (Capaldi suffered a devastating injury in 2013 which he is still rehabbing from.) Surprisingly, he didn’t feel too bad, and he’s looking forward to getting back in the skating groove:

“I’ve cleared my mindset of all old shit. I have very low expectations, and I’m just trying to do a little backside flip on flat.”

Watch the full recap above, and take a look back at some of Roberts and Capaldi’s Legion of Doom vs. Justice League matches, below:

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