Mikey Taylor Talks Retirement Strategy In Latest Commune Capital Video

Mikey “Mo’ Money” Taylor is sick of watching skaters throw their hard-earned cheddar away, so he’s dropping some jewels on all the pros who are just living photo incentive to photo incentive. (According to Taylor, 99% of pro skaters don’t even have enough income to retire solely off of skateboarding.) In his latest video for Commune Capital, he shares some guidance for anyone—skaters, athletes, you name it—who still thinks a 401k is NBD.

Why should we listen to a pro skater’s advice about financial freedom? You could argue that there is a unique set of lessons that pros have gleaned over their years of getting paid to do what they love. We all know that skaters, for the most part, live in the present—spending scrilla on nonsense and dinero on nada—but you can still have fun and plan for your future. Save it.

Let Taylor tailor your investment plan. Learn more about Commune Capital here.

Watch some of Taylor’s history with The Berrics, and a few of his parts, below:

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