This morning, Primitive announced that Miles Silvas is on the team. The pro left Numbers last week, and rather than keep us in suspense he decided to drop a few bangers and make it official—all within the space of a few days. That’s what we like about skate news cycles in 2019.

Primitive head honcho Paul Rodriguez shared his typically heartfelt words of welcome—with a little French thrown in for good measure—on the Primitive Instagram feed (the last lines reiterate how important diversity is to the brand). Read his caption below:

“The first time that I saw Miles Silvas skate was in some footage from a trip he was on in China with LRG, when he was super young. He did a nollie backside 180 switch fifty, switch backside 180 out in a line going really fast, and I thought that it was a really unique trick, and he made it look super good. It really caught my eye and I’ve been a fan of his ever since.

“I don’t know how to explain why I like Miles’s skating so much, it’s a little bit of je ne sais quoi—not necessarily a thing I can put in to words, it’s more of a feeling. Miles can skate everything and that’s not an accident, you can see he grew up being a student of the game, and he became absorbed in skating so deeply that it’s now part of his DNA, he’s downloaded the complete software and does it all with style, pop and great trick selection.

“[About Silvas's pro model:] I think that the butterfly is the perfect creature for him—he’s so graceful to watch skating, and I also like that a butterfly’s wings are identical on each side and Miles is such a well-balanced skater when it comes to switch and regular. It feels so right having him on the team, like it was always meant to be, and what makes me even more hyped having him on the squad is that he’s Mexican. It’s truly a huge pleasure to welcome Miles to Primitive!”


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Check out some of Silvas’s work with The Berrics, including his PUSH series from 2016, below:

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