MILK — ‘Jason’s Song’

Earlier this week, The Nine Club dropped a fantastic interview with Spike Jonze that sent us down a nostalgic rabbit hole. While revisiting the wonder years that were Jonze-era videos in the early ‘90s, we came across an incredible YouTube upload. 

Jason Lee’s part in Video Days featured “The Knife Song” by Milk—a band consisting of Jeff Tremaine, Mark Lewman, Andy Jenkins, R.L. Osborn, and Kelley Jenkins. Given that Tremaine helmed Big Brother magazine and went on to be the driving force behind the Jackass franchise, and Jenkins is one of skateboarding’s most renowned artists; it’s pretty safe to assume that Milk was just a fun side project done by friends. Nevertheless, given the significance of the part, the track has been ingrained in skateboarding’s collective memory forever.

In 2002, Micheal Leon’s Stacks and Megan Baltimore’s Ruby Republic released an EP on CD (remember those things?) featuring “The Knife Song,” “Another Crime” (Mike Vallely’s Song from Rubbish Heap), and two other tracks, “Homeopathic Koolaide” and “Voltaire Is Funny,” which we had never heard before. 

In 2015, a kind soul named Simon B uploaded the EP to YouTube where it sat largely unnoticed. With the original CD going for $200 on Amazon, this is one of the better Internet finds that we’ve had in a while. 

Listen for yourself above.

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